Television Sets

I was able to visit BestBuy store with the objective of viewing television sets. The television sets that stood out; was the Westinghouse-65 and Sony-85 respectively. The reason for picking the two sets was based on their appearance in size and color. The two types of television sets are the type of sets I would desire to own as they bring out a sense of class and status within the modern society.


For instance, Westinghouse television is Smart enabled, hence permits the user to access instantaneous entertainment when connected to the internet. The television has a screen of 64.5” hence, able to perform well in lighting conditions. The implication is that the television is capable of offering plasma-like deep blacks and rich colors. It has an in-built WiFi enabling the user to stream a huge access of entertainment. It has two 6W speakers with a high-speed HDMI that delivers a full 1080p. Additionally, the presence of a USB port permits the user to access JPEG and M-JPEG files stored in USB enabled gadgets. Furthermore, the television is sold at $649.99, hence, convenient for the features offered.


The television goes for $7,999.98 with a screen of 84.5”, which offers enough viewing in a remarkable experience and able to offer plasma-like deep blacks and rich colors. Furthermore, the television is Android enabled with the capability to assist the user fully access internet entertainment with more colors to choose from. It has a USB port that permits the user to connect gadgets like the camcorder and digital cameras respectively. The television has two full-range 10W speakers and a dynamic contrast enhancer meant to bring out more texture and energy scenes for the viewer. It has a 4K process X1 meant to ascertain that entertainment being viewed is of high quality.

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