Here are some tips and recommendations on how to improve your schoolwork and assignments:


  1. Make your own list version.


There are different types of lists: to-do lists, homework lists, study lists, resource lists. Some people prefer paper, while others use gadgets. There is also a matter of where to place this. Some people prefer to keep lists where they can see them, while others prefer to keep them where they can easily access it like notebooks, planners, etc. Choose which method helps you remember lists better because it works differently for every person.


  1. Keep your books where you can see them.


When you hide your books inside a cabinet or storage locker, it can be difficult to reach for them when you need resources. While the internet is a great way to search for things you don’t know, schools prefer you use your books or references that can be found in libraries. It’s also a neat trick to study books instead of internet facts because most exams will take questions and answers from books rather than other resources.


  1. Write down your lecture notes!


While we are in a technological world, research has shown that writing down notes is better for memorizing and retaining information. The study studied two groups: laptop users and notebook writers. When they tested the subjects, the writers did better than the typers. Keep this is mind when taking down notes on your next class.


  1. Learn your learning style.


There are four different learning styles: visual, auditory, and analytical. The fourth is a combination of two or more of the learning styles. Visual learning means you learn better when you see the words or images of the lesson. Auditory means someone needs to explain the lesson vocally, i.e lectures. Analytical means you need to apply the lesson in real life in order to learn the principles. Here are some resource videos on how to learn about your learning style, as well as best study tips: