jhu essays that worked

jhu essays that worked

JHU offers some excellent examples of “Essays That Worked” here, including a few that respond to the “Collaboration” prompt.
Step 2: “Weigh” your experiences

Jhu essays that worked
According to the admissions officers’ notes, Curtis’ essay stood out in part because of the way it shows his ability to think across disciplines. Creative thinking is a huge asset at a research university such as Johns Hopkins. Like Romila’s essay, this interest in interdisciplinary learning proves that he’ll be a good fit for Johns Hopkins.
In addition to whatever essay you choose for your application, Johns Hopkins asks for an additional required essay of up to 400 words. There is just a single prompt, so no struggling to pick which one will best suit your needs here!

Jhu essays that worked
It’s even harder to share the very core of who I am; the fact that Matt and I are forever tied together with the story of how we were born. We are here for different reasons—mine to write and be his guide; his to make others happy, like he makes me. Where we come from and how we got here makes us who we are in this moment. That’s the purpose of our story; that’s what I want others to know.
There is also something else going on, though, when I remain at my table. Classical music is the example I use to support a larger point that I feel I need to make to myself every morning. The world is very harsh, but also very big and very beautiful, with so many things to do and so much to explore that you’ll never run out of things to think about even when you can forget about your day-to-day concerns. You can learn all you want. It’s just that it isn’t easy: you’re not really discovering anything if it’s easy. You need to make it hard, to do something out of your reach, something new or frustrating. You have to throw yourself in the water and swim as hard and as fast as you can. And before you can go swimming—before the world can “present itself to you”—you need to take one last deep breath. You know you love to swim when you really relish that breath.

The Requirements: 1 essay of 300-400 words.
Supplemental Essay Type(s): Collaboration

Jhu essays that worked
Whatever the case, make it clear that what you learned will stay with you in the future, and especially at Johns Hopkins . The admissions committee wants to know what about the university in particular draws you to it and how it will help you succeed, so don’t be afraid to include specific opportunities that align with your topic.
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