isbn essays and reviews in history and history of science

isbn essays and reviews in history and history of science

This volume in the highly respected Cambridge History of Science series is devoted to the history of science, medicine and mathematics of the Old World in antiquity. Organized by topic and culture, its essays by distinguished scholars offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date history of ancient science currently available. Together, they reveal the diversity of goals, contexts, and accomplishments in the study of nature in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and India. Intended to provide a balanced and inclusive treatment of the ancient world, contributors consider scientific, medical and mathematical learning in the cultures associated with the ancient world.
Volume 1. Ancient Science

From the reviews of the second edition:
“It is a unique publication, a perfect work of human knowledge would certainly expand the horizon of scholars of different fields and the common reader with quest of knowledge. … No doubt, this book will prove to be an asset to the students, research scholars, teachers, of any scientific or other fields, hunting for knowledge.” (N. C. Shah, Herbal Tech Industry, November, 2008)

Isbn essays and reviews in history and history of science
This specialized knowledge is located at multiple sites and moves across borders via a dazzling array of channels, embedded in heads and hands, in artifacts, and in texts. In the United States, it shapes policies for visas, export controls, and nuclear weapons proliferation; in Algeria, it enhances the production of oranges by colonial settlers; in Vietnam, it facilitates the exploitation of a river delta. In India it transforms modes of agricultural production. It implants American values in Latin America. By concentrating on the conditions that allow for knowledge movement, these essays explore travel and exchange in face-to-face encounters and show how border-crossings mobilize extensive bureaucratic technologies.
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