i hate essays so much

i hate essays so much

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The Hate Wall is your space of relief. Tell us everything about how your teachers are strict, how your professors leech your free time by handing out papers too often, how the topics are obscure and dull – that’s the purpose of the Hate Wall. However, there are some rules.

I hate essays so much
Dad: “Seriously Sarah? Again?”

I hate essays so much
How easy is it to get a job right after graduating?
It’s like trying to build a house on top of a foundation that hasn’t had time to set. You risk a collapse. Only here it isn’t a house that caves in, but your perception of reality.

I hate essays so much

  1. Timeframe: What are the most important mental health issues for high schoolers that have come up in the last five years?
  2. Location: How does the mental health of students in your area compare to students in the next state (or country) over?
  3. Culture or Group: How does the mental health of inner-city students compare to those in the suburbs or places like Silicon Valley?
  4. Solution: If schools were to make one change to high schools to improve the well-being of their students, what would be most effective, and why?

Every good thesis statement has three important qualities: it’s focused, it picks a side, and it can be backed up with research.

On one pole we have Slate’s Rebecca Schuman, who argues that something students hate to write and instructors hate to read, should be replaced with “hardcore exams, written and oral.”
When college instructors say, “Write an essay,” (of the academic type) we usually envision something with an argument at the center supported by relevant and compelling evidence drawn from authoritative sources that adheres to the specific conventions of our field. Ideally, students are able to synthesize and even build upon an array of sources to create an original piece of knowledge.