how to bypass turnitin

how to bypass turnitin

Since we’re well aware of these “tricks,” why are they even out there? The authors of these “tricks” are mostly essay mills. This is no coincidence: essay mills, whose end game is for students to purchase an essay, have a vested interest in attracting students back to their services. Essay mills are likely unaware that we have a suite of products that combat the entire spectrum of cheating, which includes contract cheating.
By looking at the Similarity Reports, educators have complete transparency into whether or not academic misconduct has occurred.

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If you do it correctly and change the entire structure of the sentence, then you should have no problems. Things you should avoid are changing only one word and inserting a word into an existing block of words. After 2016, Turnitin is fit to detect changes in blocks of words. Be careful.

Some people think they can get away with plagiarism by replacing some words in the original source material, with synonyms.
Teachers can ask their students to submit their papers to Turnitin. The system will then help them check if the papers are original or was paraphrased or copied from another student’s papers or outside sources. Turnitin will provide a detailed report showing the percentage of originality, as well as the exact source materials the text was copied or paraphrased – called the Similarity Report.

How to bypass turnitin
The Infographic below summarizes the proven ways that students all over the world have been using in school to cheat Turnitin
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