how to avoid turnitin detection

how to avoid turnitin detection

Over the years, we’ve become aware of hundreds of rumors. Here are a few “tricks”:
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Yes, but there are often cases of the program rejecting the file. PDF has two layers – the visual and the textual layer. Sometimes, there is a mistake and Turnitin detects the file as an image. To prevent this from happening, you have to re-define your paper as a text file.
In every niche, there are phrases like “renewable energy sources” or “blockchain transaction solutions,” which are strings of words that can trigger plagiarism. In the end – it’s all up to your professor.

If you’ve exhausted all your options (which is honestly not too many), then it’s probably time to get yourself a professional writer to lift the heavy burden for you. This is an effective way to acquire a well-written paper with minimum time and effort wasted on your part. Most importantly, you have better chances of avoiding plagiarism issues!
But of course, this will take some time – and a bit of risk-taking – to see if it really works at all times. On one hand, if you take a well-written essay on a similar subject and paraphrase the whole piece with your own words, then you’ll get original text that’s actually authored by you. Your professor won’t suspect anything!

How to avoid turnitin detection
This is the best method that will make you beat Turnitin. Turnitin robots only identify sentences that have a similar sentence structure, patterns or wordings. As such, paraphrasing every sentence in a paragraph will make your assignment appear genuine and original with no connection with any of the already published papers and assignments in their database. It is important to do extensive research and compare relevant materials from the different set of journals, website pages, and blogs before you begin paraphrasing and synthesizing the different ideas to develop your paper. The process of researching and paraphrasing is long and tend to bore many students. If you feel this is cumbersome, you can use the second idea.
Turnitin utilizes matching algorithm technology to establish strings of words within submitted papers that are similar to those maintained in its database. So if you submit your paper, Turnitin robots crawl through every sentence trying to match words, sentence structure, and ideas to establish if it is in its repository. Any similarity between what you submitted and the content already in the database is considered as plagiarism.

How to avoid turnitin detection
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