hire a helper review

hire a helper review

Hire a helper review
The ranking and review system seems sub-par for this type of marketplace matching system, which I would expect to find much more information regarding jobs, and include a more in-depth ranking system. There’s also no way for requested jobs to be posted, meaning the home owner will need to do all the work for finding labor, as opposed to the marketplace working the other way around. A similar, more feature-rich service is DoMyStuff.
The purpose of the site is actually to match up college students that need extra cash with home owners that could stand to catch a break. When exploring the site, though, I did find a good amount of businesses that don’t appear to be run by college students, but are in fact established businesses for house cleaning, etc. The main categories on the site are Lawn, House Cleaning, Moving, and General help. Start with any of these categories to initiate your search, and provide your zip code. You can then pick a date that you’ll need help and you’ll get a list of search results in your area.

While nailing down exact pricing for HireAHelper is tough due to the marketplace’s variability, we’ve estimated the cost of moving services within Salt Lake City, UT, to help guide your booking.

  • Standard repair coverage: This free coverage protects up to $10,000 of your belongings at If you’re trying to strike a balance between the work of a DIY move and the price of full-service one, HireAHelper’s moving marketplace is the perfect fit..60 per pound while they’re in transit and during loading and unloading (if you’re using HireAHelper for this service). It is not available for same-day bookings.
  • Service guarantee: If things go wrong, HireAHelper will reimburse what you paid up to $1,000 if the service provider doesn’t refund your fee on their own. 1 Depending on your move, this may amount to a full refund.
  • Optional full-value coverage: If you hire a service provider with an average review of 4.5 stars or better, you qualify to purchase Full Value coverage via MovingInsurance.com. If you have questions about whether to purchase additional coverage, check out our moving insurance guide.

Hire a helper review
Both sets of movers loaded and unloaded a 16’ truck in under two hours! All professional and proper, nothing was broken or damaged in the move!! Was able to get free upgrade to larger truck with unlimited miles at the same price!
Most of the laborers found on hire a helper are college kids looking to supplement their income. How this website works is that you enter in your zip code, day you need help, and the area of work you are looking for assistance. The laborers are cheap and it helps out these kids looking to make extra income while going to school. I have found Jason on there and he did a terrific job with all the house tasks that I ask him to do.

Hire a helper review
I used Hire A Help from the recommendation from PODS for loading and unloading. The men arrived on time and provided great and efficient service. They were done before my allotted time and they handled every piece of furniture with great care.
Without proper comparison, bold statements as “the best” and “the cheapest” often fall flat like a pancake.

Hire a helper review
The helper from Christian Veteran Movers arrived on time, with a few moving accessories that got used in the process. He was very professional and courteous and was very careful not to damage anything. We actually got everything unloaded in just 2 hours between the two of us and my wife and I will definitely use them again in any future moves.
We are a real brick-and-mortar company based in Oceanside, CA. To make sure your move goes smoothly, you can reach a real person here 7 days a week.