As for treading carefully: Again, WHY? This site can discredit them, posted information or otherwise. At least with posting here, you can counter that issue. And that’s still immaterial to the fact that, if you have evidence that you have a copy of, you need not be afraid of tampering.
And if they DO come here, while thinking this place is unremittingly hostile to them, wouldn’t they have an interest in DISCREDITING this place? Post the material to a blog too. If it gets changed here, you have incontrovertible proof that the people here are dishonest. There are numerous ways of sharing evidence that aren’t some kind of backroom PM.

Sometimes clients are strange, getting mad at nothing or dont know what they exactly want
Automatic penalties after deadlines when you work with the client. The client will send back and the deadline will be shortened. Penalties are normally withdrawn most of the time, I just hate the auto part of it because it’s on an auto timer None really. Great service and happy to be part of the team
Moreover, twice I received phone call from and their support representative mentioned she was calling from regarding an assignment…
For instance, you submit an assignment on 10th July, the client downloads it and the earning is reflected in your account. According to the info above, you will receive payment for this on 16th August. Now, suppose, the client sends back the paper requesting a genuine revision on 15th July with a new deadline of 20th July, what happens? The assignment earning is removed from your balance amount, which means you won’t get paid for this assignment on 16th August but on 01st September.
She made her breakthrough when she won 2007’s Cabelos Pantene competition, and began her career by modelling for the haircare brand when she was sixteen (she was born in 1991).
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