free education essay

free education essay

Free education essay
Realistically, people who cannot afford money for their colleges are going to miss their opportunity to make their future life bright. Free education will increase concentration on studies because they don’t have to worry about their other stuffs than their study and it will expand their knowledge. According to Samah Ae in the article, “University education should be free. Do you agree or disagree?” she tells that researchers have demonstrated that nations who offer free education have the incredible rate of advancements and grow quicker. So, when governments bolster colleges monetarily, they will take their money back through advancement and the high life standard. For example, universities who gives scholarship to qualified student is a opportunity to earn degree even if they cannot afford colleges.
According to UNESCO, 264 million children do not go to school, and the number is increasing 1 million every year. If Education is free for everyone then every student will get an equal opportunity and they don’t have to worry about anything than their studies. It ought to be free in light of the fact that there are poor who are keen, brainy and competent, yet the state gives no instruction to them. If the state paid for their education, students would have better opportunities, more time to study and more job opportunities.

Free education essay
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Free Education in America Education, in America, should be free because having more educated people in this country will potentially increase the job availability. Making education free in America will raise taxes and help student debt. America’s youth is being discouraged to receive an education because of the high tuition and high interest rates on student loans. Many students who are in higher education are also being discouraged because of the low job opportunities after they graduate from school
College Education should be free. Initially, my first reason will be about how it manages to help poor students get an education. Furthermore, my second reason will be about how more people would be able to venture onto college. To sum up, my last reason will be that students will have more freedom to choose a major they enjoy. Here is my information to prove this. For my introductory reason, free college education would help poor students get educated. Indeed, some people are very poor. There

This essay therefore provides you with some of the key arguments about this topic.
In this essay, the writer believes free university education is the best policy, so s/he agrees with the opinion. This is made clear in the conclusion (though you can put your opinion in the introduction as well if you wish).