fake review sites

fake review sites

Fake review sites
These wireless earbuds have a 4.3-star average rating from Amazon customers. But is that the real story?
According to ReviewMeta, fully half the reviews here are questionable, and the “good” ones result in a lower product rating: 3.9 stars instead of 4.3.

If you use all the above methods and you’re still not sure about the validity of the review, there are two online tools you can use to help you check for fake reviews.
Most people would wait to try something before recommending it or dissuading other people from buying it too.

Fake review sites
The spam technique consists of creating fake product review sites created by the sellers of the products that are being reviewed. It was reported that some of the sites spread negative information about competitor products.
This is what the publisher reported:

Fake review sites
Boyd has thus been able to buy 280,000 fraudulent profiles and millions of fake reviews and compared them with real profiles and reviews, to train his systems on patterns and data relationships.
Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the fake reviews problem, though they don’t understand its full extent. They’re unhappy about potentially being deceived and are looking to publishers to institute tougher standards and penalties against review fraud.

Fake review sites
Now that you know you should never purchase fake reviews, here’s how to know how to spot one if they show up on search engines, review sites, or social properties.
1. It Lacks Detail. It’s hardto describe using a product or having an experience if it hasn’t actuallyhappened. Fake reviews often offer general praise, rather than focusing onthe specifics. “Truthful hotel reviews, for example, are more likelyto use concrete words relating to the hotel, like ‘bathroom,’ ‘check-in’or ‘price.’ Deceivers write more about things that set the scene, like’vacation,’ ‘business trip’ or ‘my husband.’,” explains research from Cornell.