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The Paper Bay subreddit was made by Prescott Papers. Apparently, they wanted to use the Reddit platform to reach out to more people. There are plenty of topics to go about, most of which are upvoted.
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Details: 5 Pages(1200 words) MLA, 2 Works Cited + Bibliography
I emailed them on the 11th about how eager I was to receive the essay. I waited all day and received no correspondence. On the 12th at around 1pm, I received an email from the writer stating they were going to start on the essay. I requested updates on the progress and they agreed. I only got one update at 9:30pm – stating that they were making progress. I emailed the writer at 11:32pm after not hearing from them and was told that they were about done. I was sent the essay at 11:45pm. I quickly read through it and realized that this piece of literature was riddled with faults. It seemed to have no structure, the citations were off, the bibliography was incorrect, it did not have any type of flow whatsoever. I didn’t even have enough time to correct any of it. I turned in the essay, not having any other choice. I can only say that I paid a premium price for a low budget essay.

So there are no guarantees for free revisions, although the fact that the writers want to get paid practically covers that aspect. However, we’d appreciate seeing a detailed Privacy policy and elaborate Terms of Service.
The freelancers will see your offer. If they are willing to work for that price, they will bid. Some of them will bid higher, others will bid lower. The final choice is on you.

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